Our products

We offer a wide range of corporate clothing, uniforms, advertising, professional and protective clothing.

Our products are created both on the basis of ready-made catalogues as well as on the basis of individual designs, in accordance with customer wishes. In addition, we provide services in the periodic maintenance of the products we deliver and their storage.

For almost 50 years of our activity we have gained experience guaranteeing the highest quality of products and flexibility in order fulfilment. Our main assets are well-qualified staff and modern machinery. The latest design, interesting colours, the highest quality of the materials used and state-of-the-art production technologies guarantee the careful execution and finishing of our products.


For years, we have been very successful in developing and refining specialist collections of uniformed garments for:

Phe police,
Armed forces,
Border guards,
City guards,
Customs House,
Security services,

Our textile products are characterized by high strength in everyday use. The highest quality of work gives the user an elegant and representative look.


Telimena S.A. corporate clothing is a unique business card of your company that will provide all your employees with comfort and aesthetic appeal.

These clothes are created in close cooperation with the customer, which takes into account the nature of work and the individual needs of each employee. The best fabrics are successfully tested in daily multi-hour operation. Our specialists work with clients to determine the range of assortments, types of clothing construction, types of raw materials used, and colours that are tailored to marketing policy.


Following the global trends, we offer clothing models designed for medical personnel. This clothing, in addition to high utility values, also features unique aesthetic qualities, highlighted by ornate clasps, colourful applications and fashionable cuts. The quality of materials used ensures an impeccable look throughout the day.

All models for health professionals provide:

  • Maximum functionality,
  • The ability to distinguish employees based on function and type of work;
  • Uniformity of the customer's premises / branches (bean, colour, colour nap, embroidery);
  • Very good performance


Workwear and protective clothing is based on the highest quality polyester-cotton fabrics, suitable for multiple industrial washing. In use, the clothing does not lose its colour, shape and does not undergo mucus. The superiority of nylon fibre in the outer layer of the fabric increases its resistance to dirt. The inner layer with the superiority of natural cotton fibre gives the user a sense of comfort. By using our products, your company will certainly stand out not only because of the high level of service offered, but also because of the professional appearance of its employees. Our consultants will help you to compose your employees' clothing. On request, each garment model can be individually labelled (embroidery, print).


For our customers, we offer a wide selection of promotional and promotional clothing, which will allow you to fully meet the expectations and needs of the promotional industry.

Through careful design and professional selection of materials, we meet the high demands of the advertising market. We are constantly working to improve and expand our offerings.

In our regular offer you will find, among others. Polo shirts and t-shirts, fleece jackets, raincoats, caps and many other products.


Telimena's 20 years of experience backed by sales of more than 20 thousand court dress made for counsellors, advocates, judges and prosecutors, and numerous references.