We are honored that among our clients are such institutions and companies as:

Government Security

“Telimena S.A. with it’s registered office in Lodz had been supplying summer field hoodies and summer field trousers for the needs of the Office of Government Protection.

…delivery was in accordance with contract No. 32/2015, Telimena S.A. The order was fulfilled on time and with due diligence. The item of uniformed supplies was made in accordance with technical specifications and without qualitative objections...”

Warsaw, 03.07.2015r.


Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe S.A. [MZA S.A.]


Telimena company has delivered to our company, in accordance to the contract, the jackets and multi-season coats ... delivery has been known as honest and reliable, fulfilling the orders submitted on time. Cooperation is very positive and we can recommend it to other customers ...

Warsaw, 13.02.2015r.


Main committee of border defense


... it is confirmed that the Telimena SA Company made and delivered, to the Border Guard, summer trousers according to contract No. 82 / BF / BTiZ / 14, the contract concluded for the delivery of the aforementioned uniform was completed in time and properly, without qualitative objections and according to technical requirements ...

Warsaw, 13.01.2015r..




... I would like to convey to President of Telimena S.A. many thanks for the fast and efficient realization of the contract for tailor made and delivered to the employee's warehouses designed for employees of PKP Intercity S.A. Express Intercity Premium crews (PENDOLINO).

The quality and attractiveness of the clothing is fully in line with our image-based approach to the premium class of Pendolino trains. Experience in co-operating on this task allows us to give Telimena the best reference ...

Warsaw, 17.12.2014r.


Police Headquarters


…Telimena S.A. with it's registered office in Łódź, within the framework of the concluded agreement, has produced and delivered to the Polish Police 10 000 business winter jackets with a napkin and warmer. The subject of the contract has been executed and delivered in accordance with the terms of the contract. The quality of the products was in accordance with the requirements of the Purchaser ...

Warsaw, January 7, 2015r.


Customs Chamber in Rzepin


"The Customs Chamber in Rzepin confirms that the Telimena S.A. on the basis of the contract performed with due diligence and delivered to the Central Munition Warehouse in Rzepin components of the service uniform, field and special for customs officers from customs chambers and the Ministry of Finance (5767 units) ..."

Rzepin, September 9, 2014




"PKP Intercity S.A. attests that Telimena S.A. cooperated with us in the years 2013-2014 in the supply of uniforms and trousers forming part of the uniform that identifies the employees of the conductor and trainee teams and cashiers.

All deliveries were made on time with due diligence. The assortment is characterized by high quality of workmanship and is in line with our requirements as to the applicable design and the materials used ..."

Warsaw, 12 September 2014r.


Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe S.A. [MZA S.A.]


…we certify that the Telimena S.A. company based in Lodz  the contract was made with due diligence and delivered to the warehouses ordering ingredients of the service uniforms: men's jackets, men's winter trousers, women's jackets, women's winter trousers ...

Warsaw, 24 March 2014r.




We would like to inform that Telimena S.A. company on the basis of the contract, from 12.11.2013 to 07.02.2014, delivered 18,071 waterproof heat-resistant jackets made with seam technology.

Delivery was timely and according to the requirements of the Ordering Party ...

Warsaw, March 7, 2014r.




…certifies that the company Telimena S.A. on the basis of the contract, performed with due care, in a timely manner and in accordance with the terms of the contract, and delivered to the clients’ direct service uniforms in the amount of 10,212 units for the employees of "Przewozy Regionalne" Sp. z o.o ...

Warsaw, 14 November 2013r